Accounting Profession

When briefing an expert tangible asset valuer, Rodney Hyman is the leader in this field. Rodney has been providing valuations and assisting accountants for more than 30 years specialising in valuations for taxation and accounting as well as disputes. Rodney is an approved valuer of the Tax Practitioners Board for valuations for tax consolidation.

Rodney devised the process for valuing large volumes of assets over multiple sites in 2001 with the valuation of Hanson (now Plc). Hanson had multiple thousands of assets over more than 600 sites across Australia. Previous methodology saw the application of pre-set formulae to an existing asset register without any attempt at reconciliation or reference to the market. Rodney devised a method of sample valuation that truly reflected the value of the assets at each site and confidently listed the existing assets rather than relying on the asset register which traditionally are never accurate. Rodney has brought this methodology to all high volume asset valuations regardless of the number of sites: this methodology brings a “rigeur” to valuations and does not assume that all assets on the asset register are extant or that all assets are on the asset register.