Disputes drive the need for third party valuers

Disputes drive the need for third party valuers

There are plenty of reasons a third party valuer is called upon but the main driver of valuations in business are disputes. Value is in the eye of the beholder, which is all well and good unless there are two beholders with differing opinions. So, when it comes to finding a mutually agreed upon market value with two or more parties involved it is best to bring in a valuer to act as buffer between divergent parties.

In a perfect world there would be no divorce and no bitter warring between companies or directors whose interests have diverged. Reality tells a different story, which is why an independent third party appraiser can be so important in maintaining a beacon of objectivity in a sea of subjective hostility.

Distrust can easily poison negotiations, particularly if they involve leasing and financing, estate transfer, and mergers and acquisitions – basically anything with monetary value.

A third party is brought into a dispute or negotiation to work independently to find a mutually agree solution or valuation. Valuers are often a vital part of the process, bringing to the table experience and industry knowledge on areas such plant, machinery and equipment valuation.

Having an independent valuer plays a vital part in resolving disputes and bringing settlements to a close in a timely manner.